Certainty of knowledge (yaqin) has been described as having three stages:
1. Certitude of knowledge or certainty of mind (‘Ilm-ul-yaqin) which is the Faith that a person obtains by various means such as the one who sees smoke and believes there is fire there.

2 Certainty of Sight (‘Iym-ul-yaqin) which is what one sees with one’s eyes; for instance, one sees the fire, himself.

3. The absolute truth of assured certainty (Haqq-ul-yaqin) which means the ‘realization’ or the ‘knowledge proper’ and is the personal experience as when the one who arrives in the fire oneself and feels the heat of it and takes the attributes of fire into his entity. This very state is the highest degree of ‘yaqin’.
In fact, the first stage is general; the second stage is for pious people; and the third stage is for those who are in some way chosen above others.
A tradition from the Holy Prophet (S) denotes that some people asked him about a matter that they had heard about some of the companions of Prophet Jesus (as) who used to walk on water, and he (S) said:
“If their certitude was in a highest position they could walk in the air.”
The late ‘Alamah Tabatabai, after mentioning this tradition, adds that everything pivots on the certitude to Allah, the Glorified, and to know no other means of the effects of this world, but Allah. Therefore, the more the Faith and certainty, in a person, is the absolute power of Allah, the more objects, in this world, will be obedient to him.
And this is the secret of the relation of certitude (yaqin) and the ‘extraordinary interference’ in the world of creation.


In countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh its been a taboo for women who lived alone but here just to clear the confusion I am not talking about the independent-women or female who belongs to elite class.

So, coming towards the topic  there are 2 types of marriages in our society rare ones are love-marriages and maximum number is of arrange-marriages.For girls marriage is just like a fairy tale. It’s like a prince charming who hold your hand for the life time and swore to protect you from all the harms and give you happiness.But after your big day,everything all of the sudden changes and you feel like you are in a race, in which you have to match up with the society.The fairy tale time vanished, and here are you alone with your spouse fighting for the better future. And when you as a couple realize that there is not any better opportunity in your country for a better future for you and your kids, then you make a big decision a very very big decision that moving apart from each other, living alone , without  that warm hugs which give you strength for fighting  with crucial circumstances and motivates you in dark times,but you’ll have to take the risk and your husband move abroad and that time when you you see your love on that plane and the plane take off and now you take a deep breath turn back and realize you will die now after that first step you are going to take without your life partner without your love of life. You are all alone here without him everything is just dark, horrible and cuts you from inside you fight with yourself in days and nights. Crying, sometimes motivating yourself  but you also know that it will be a very long journey with ups and downs and that proverb ”Money is not everything” proves right.

You can feel your self suspended between your mother’s home that is not yours now according to the so called society and your in laws home. But here hundreds of  questions  pricks my mind ”WHICH ONE IS MY HOME? AM I HOMELESS? HOW CAN I SURVIVE WITHOUT MY HUSBAND?? etc etc”. Loneliness have a very strong negative impact psychologically and often leads towards fight between you and your husband, and whenever you discuss your mental state with your husband he suddenly shouted ”its OUR  decision you had agree on this and now you are letting me down by saying all this” and this sentence breaks you!!

now take a  look in another side of picture if you have younger kids and your husband working abroad  then the life will be much tough for you.Your baby’s schooling, his extra curricular activities you have to do each and everything alone and if your son or daughter fell sick, you loose yourself between the hospital,pharmacy and baby’s nursing care, and when at night your baby suddenly woke up with tears  and you see other side of your bed empty!!! and then probably 80 out of 100 women cry just like their kids and it’s natural, but here as a doctor one thing i want to mention that if you are going to be emotionally weak  day by day it will have a bad psychological effect on your kid’s mental and physical health.So,you have to be strong for your children and for your husband’s strength too.

In Conclusion

I sincerely hope this blog has not put you off making a new life abroad – rather I really hope it has shown you that you have to work hard to make your dream come true.  There will be times when you and your partner are in different places emotionally speaking, and you will need to offer up pure acceptance of their position even if you cannot fully understand how they feel.  If you love your partner enough, you can overcome any adversity – but if you want to make sure your relationship is not unnecessarily tested, future proof it before you move and work hard at keeping communication and love alive!

You are moving abroad for a reason – try not to lose sight of that reason together ever. ❤ ❤

پلان سی سے پلان یو تک.


   Moharram is not a month to grieve only but it’s the voice of HUSSAIN A.S against tyrants. It’s a voice that raises for those who oppressed by tyranny. When HUSSAIN A.S along with his whole family  (Ahl al-Bayt)  marched towards Koofah just for the sake of those who brutalized by YAZEED.

         In his way to Koofah he was stopped by the army of YAZEED at KARBALA. Those who left their everything for oppressed; martyred by yazeed’s army. No one left alive not even 6 months old ALI ASGHAR A.S , except some sadaat karam including SAYYEDA ZAINAB A.S and SAYYEDA SUKAYENA A.S. These honorable sadaat karam sacrificed their blood-relations for oppressed,but victims of yazeed’s brutality never awaken and ignored the voice that raised for them.

         Today when people of PAKISTAN victimize by the brutality of corrupt and dishonest rulers,so its the obligation of each one of us to help with sacrificing  our everything against oppression  just like HUSSAIN A.S did, but here one question hits my mind, months ago a man named Tahir ul Qadri left his home, people joined him, they struggled a lot even  sacrificed  their lives for this nation, but same thing happened with them as happened in Karbala back then. NO ONE AWAKE ,NO ONE JOINED THEM and here I also left all of you with one question,  ‘why oppressed never takes part in uprising?’

My name is Dr Ayesha Usman
 we have been fighting for this dead nation for months , we have been fighting for YOU who cry “we didn’t find food” , “we didn’t find cloth” , “we didn’t find house”,
Yes we have been fighting for those who said “we can’t give our children better education because of inflation” etc etc. . .
And when we and ‪#‎DrTUQ‬ fight for YOU at any cost, we spent our days and nights on roads for YOU. We were served with bullets and shells just for fighting for your rights, now we are moving city to city without taking care of our health,our security, only for YOU . . .
Then YOU who cry for every basic need just start barking and abusing us. 
Shame on you ,YOU bloody dead nation you deserve to be starved you deserve to be insulted, you deserve to be killed,you deserve to be ruled by brutal.
Just remember you didn’t give us nothing, but WE and #DrTUQ give you everything even our lives. . .

inqilab march PAT

inqilab march PAT